Register an Azure app

Azure app creation

To interact with Office 365 APIs, you need to register an Azure app in Azure Portal. Once an app is created, assign specific API permissions that you need.
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    Go to App registrations
3. Create an app

Create authentication secrets

It is important to keep these credentials safe using a key store. It is good security practice not to hard code the secret in your code. Do not share secrets as this will compromise the safety and security of your data. You can use Dataplane's secrets to store these credentials. Learn more here:
a. Click on Certificates & secrets
b. Click on New client secret
c. Store the value and secret ID in your Key Management System
5. Add secrets to Dataplane
The environment variables shown in the images below will be used to safely to retrieve the secrets inside the pipelines.
These variables will be used to authenticate with the Microsoft Graph API
  • Add the Secret ID - Environment variable: secret_dp_office_365_id
  • Add the Secret - Environment variable: secret_dp_office_365_secret
  • Tenant ID - Environment variable: secret_dp_office_365_tenant_id
  • Application ID - Environment variable: secret_dp_office_365_application_id
Get the Tenant ID from your app
a. Click on Overview
b. Get the Application (client) ID
c. Get the Directory (tenant) ID
c. Add Directory (tenant) ID and Application (client) ID into Dataplane secrets

Add Secrets to worker groups

Be sure to add the secrets to the worker groups. This is important because it injects the secrets into specific worker groups for isolation. See below a secret being added to the python_dev worker group.
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